MARVEL VS DC, who rules


So, the first comic book to be published by Goodman's company was Marvel Comics no. 1 (cover dated October 1939), which featured several superhero characters, most notably the Human Torch and the Sub-Mariner (only hardcore Marvel fan will know these characters)


2019 Technologies That Will Rule.


Li-Fi compatible systems offer faster and more reliable connections than the current generation of Wi-Fi routers. The concept of Li-Fi is not new but we expect the technology to really catch up in the coming years, and French research firm Yole Développement predicts an exponential growth starting in 2021.



#Erdhem'sWork So she's beautiful and really kindhearted and intelligent. And he's well, not so handsome, with fangs and claws and kind of hairy, really hairy. She's not really poor nor rich because they scrap by on her father's toil yet she is content and he has all the necessities of life, with both male and … Continue reading BEAUTY AND THE BEAST- ORIGIN STORY



  #Erdhem'sWork "Iris?", came his voice; ringing loud and clear amidst the noise in the café. Iris could feel his stares together with the other woman's, boring holes into her back. She shifted her body weight uncomfortably on to her left foot and then forcing a smile, Iris turned to face Icarus and the woman. … Continue reading SHE LOVED A MONSTER, chapter 4



    By, Nana Kodjo Manuel Ghana, formerly known as the Gold Coast is a richly endowed country in Sub-Saharan Africa with not only unlimited resources but dozens of beautiful historical tourist sites. No wonder this West African nation has increasingly become one of the top destination for most tourists who seek to enjoy their … Continue reading BEAUTIFUL PLACES IN GHANA


By: EnigmaliSays Quite and lonely yet with loud thoughts It might be a matter of love or maybe not My niche in time my favorite spot Here in the crowd where I belong, a lonely crowd I’m here yet far from where I’d be A crowd cloud moving in stream, lonely they wonder A niche … Continue reading MY FAVORITE SPOT

Your Symptoms Could Be Hepatitis B,

By: Nana Kodjo Manuel One of the most dangerous diseases as compared to HIV/AIDS is Hepatitis. This is so because both diseases have similar mode of contractions, which will be stated below. Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver. Here, we are going to talk about the most common type of hepatitis, that is the … Continue reading Your Symptoms Could Be Hepatitis B,


By: Erdhem'sWork Iris and Lisa got out of the car and headed straight for the entrance. They went straight to the counter. "Good morning! How may I help you?", said the lady at the counter. She was in her middle thirties, blonde with a natural big smile on her face. Lisa and Iris smiled and … Continue reading SHE LOVED A MONSTER CH-23

7 Ways To Test If Your Boyfriend Loves You.

Wednesdays are my favourite days of the week, one, because it’s my birth day and two, because it’s the day I get to bring you, #MyEfoPipos, Private Message With Efo (PMWE); real stories, workable solutions. Today, we take the story of Naana Abena. So, let’s dive right into her message: “I travelled to Lebanon a … Continue reading 7 Ways To Test If Your Boyfriend Loves You.